Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Sleep Better, Enjoy More Energy
and Protect Your Health

The UK and Europe's first true blue light blocking glasses with optional prescription lenses. Upgrade your existing frames or choose from our fashionable styles.

Good Night Blue Light Blocking Glasses...
... Your Secret to Better Sleep.

Protect your eyes with Good Night Blue Light Blocking Glasses in artificial light, when using screens and after sunset to improve your sleep within 7 days.

Clear Lenses and Cheap Orange Tints Don't Work... Unlike the clear 'anti blue' lenses our solutions are based on science and block the specific wavelengths of toxic junk light that are clinically proven to disrupt sleep.

Improving your sleep is just the start. Blue Light has been show to steadily blind you, destroy your energy, cause you to gain weight and accelerate premature ageing. Act today to protect your health.

Finally Blue Blockers that look good...
... Protect Your Health in Style.

Not only do Good Night Blue Light Blocking Glasses improve your sleep and protect your health. But you get to look good at the same time. Send in your own frames, you know already suit your style to be upgraded, choose from one of our styles or send us a new pair from your opticians.

No more embarrassing fit overs, double glasses or cheap frames. No more guessing what your glasses will look like from a picture on the internet. Get a style that suits you and become the talking point of any party. Guaranteed...

Three reasons to buy Good Night Blue Light


Health with Style. No more embarrassment when protecting your health. With our frames you'll become a talking point not a laughing stock.

Low Risk, High Reward

Our lenses block the specific wavelengths of light that disrupt sleep. You don't get that with clear 'anti blue' or orange tinted lenses you find elsewhere.


Upgrade your existing frames that already suit you. Add a prescription for reading, distance, bifocal, varifocal or computer. No more double glasses.

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Upgrade Your Existing Glasses


Already have a current pair of glasses that you like and want to covert into blue blockers? No problem - Send us your own frames and we will upgrade any pair of full rimmed glasses into custom blue light blockers. You will receive full instructions on where to send your glasses after checkout.

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what experts have to say about blue light

Dr Jack Kruse

"Blue light is the number one health issue facing all modern humans"

Respected Neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life

Aubrey Marcus

“Blue light counteracts the natural release of melatonin, the darkness signal in the brain that makes us sleepy”

Best Selling Author, Founder and CEO of Onnit

Dave Asprey

"Glasses help your brain make more melatonin, which will improve your sleep... increasing your rate of neurogenesis"

Best Selling Author, Founder and CEO of Bulletproof

about blue light

Why you need to block blue light...
...Discover top biohackers secret to better sleep...

Excessive blue light from artificial light and screens is one of the biggest dangers facing us today. Every month more scientific studies are released on how it negatively effects our health.

In 2017 the Nobel prize for medicine or physiology was given to circadian rhythms or our internal block clocks and how important it is. The internal clock is now regarded as a key feature of life on Earth, one that wired the rotation of the planet into the fabric of our cells over millions of years of evolution. Unfortunately modern technology has completely disrupted it - resulting in many of the diseases we see today.

Light has a profound impact on human biology and is something we are constantly exposed to - there is growing evidence to suggest that it is more important than diet and exercise to our long term health.

It's time you take back control of your health by blocking blue light.

Why choose Good Night Blue Light?

  • Real Blue Blockers: Specially designed to target the most harmful wavelengths of light. Sorry due to the laws fo physics clear lenses just don't work...
  • UK Based: made in the UK and EU with free delivery and no customs charges or exchange rates.
  • Available with Prescription: no more awkward double glasses
  • Custom Styles: upgrade your own frames or select from our stylish frames. You can buy glasses from anywhere on the internet or from your opticians and send them to us to upgrade.
  • 100% Safe and Natural: no dangerous drugs or unproven supplements. Align yourself with nature.
  • 30 Day Guarantee: our products come with a Risk Free, No Hassle, money back guarantee.
  • One Off Cost: no ongoing subscriptions.

All Good Night Blue Light Blocking Glasses have true blue light blocking lenses. Blocking blue light wavelengths from 400-500nm that have been found to disrupt sleep. This gives a stylish orange tint, letting enough light in that you can comfortably see and make out colours other than blue.

Discover in this video

How to get more energy and regain your mental clarity fast...

Why you need a quick way to get yourself back on track without prescription drugs or drastic lifestyle changes...

The natural way to sleep quickly, easily and deeply...

Beat Insomnia and reclaim more hours of your life by reducing the need for excess sleep and stress.

Why most blue light blocking glasses on the internet don't work...

Sorry clear lenses don't work. Get specialist lenses designed to block harmful blue light wavelengths clinically proven to disrupt sleep.

How to reduce depression, stress and anxiety by blocking toxic junk light...

You'll start seeing results within one week for a one off low cost. No expensive ongoing subscriptions to dangerous drug and supplements.

about us

Discover the story behind the glasses

Get the behind the scenes, sneak peak inside why founder Neil Taylor created Good Night Blue Light...

  • Why I got sick of wearing double glasses: I decided to simplify my life, no more double glasses, silly fitovers or clunky clipons...
  • The importance of blocking all the blue light: I created lenses that are scientifically designed to block the harmful wavelengths of blue light. Clear lenses and simple orange tints don't work...
  • Best thing I've done from sleep and stress: no more pseudo science, expensive gadgets or supplements - improve your sleep the natural way...
  • From laughing stock to style complements: get a style that suits you, no more guess from pictures on the internet. How I went from a joke amongst friends to everyone asking me where I got my glasses from and why they should block blue light...
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Good Night Blue Light

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Improve your sleep, get more energy and protect your health today.

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